Charles is indebted to the following colleagues, friends and family:

My NHS Hand Therapist Jill Gillespie, who not only has drawn the illustrations and supplied the hand therapy instructions, but also has been a wonderful supportive colleague over the past few years as well as being an outstanding therapist. Julia, Richard and Jess provide the hand therapy with Jill for my NHS practice.

My Hand Therapist at Circle Reading Hospital is Cathy Cronin, who along with Alun Mitchell offer a comprehensive upper limb physiotherapy service.

John Mackenzie, Consultant Anaesthetist who works with me both at the Royal Berkshire Hospital but also privately. He has developed a particular skill in regional anaesthesia and pain management.

My American friend David L Nelson MD has proved to be a source of invaluable information and his enthusiasm is infective. His website provided me with considerable inspiration.

I would like to acknowledge my original mentor in hand surgery Peter Burge, Consultant Hand Surgeon (at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford) for his support, encyclopaedic mind and sound judgement.

I am indebted to all the people who I work with in all the different departments. My private secretary, Edwina Butler has provided steadfast consistency over the years making my private practice a joy. My NHS secretary at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Gill Bloor has settled in fantastically.

Finally I must recognise my wife, Helen who has always been there when I needed her.