I have already stated that the post-operative treatment frequently involves my hand therapists. Certain specific operations require splintage as part of that treatment regime. Certain injuries also require splintage. Jill Gillespie has drawn some images of the common splints that we use.

Boutonniere  splintage 
Carpal tunnel syndrome  splintage 
Dermofasciectomy  D-Dupuytren's release 
Mallet  splintage 
MCP joint replacements - early A  MCPJ replacementss early A 
MCP joint replacements - early B  MCPJ replacements early B 
MCP joint replacements - late  MCPJ replacements late 
P.I.P. joint replacement  J-PIPJ replacement 
Swan-neck  splintage 
Trapeziumectomy  cmc02